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The Strongest Hospital Gowns
Panenka/We are Xuxa

We've partnered with Panenka, a well known Spanish football magazine, to turn football shirts into hospital gowns for children. We've done it because we know that when you're wearing your favourite team jersey, you suddenly become braver and stronger. And that's exactly what these kids need to beat their stronger rival: illness.

This project has just started and we've already donated shirts to hospitals in Madrid. We are now talking to football players, and clubs, who are interested in collaborating with the project. 

Join us at lasbatasmasfuertes.com


Project by:

Irene Labat, Diego Lauton and Fede Botella
and film production by Javier Hernandez (https://www.youtube.com/user/vhenderTriR4R

Smoked Soap
Mad Grill

People eat burgers with their hands, but before that, they wash them with soap.
And that’s the problem, because traditional soap scents ruin the coal flavor of meat. Mad Grill, famous for their grilled meat burgers, had to do something about it.

So, we solved the problem by creating their own soap: the Mad Grill Smoked Soap.
A neutral soap that is cold smoked in-house for 16 long hours. It’s designed to leave a strong barbecue scent on people’s hands, enhancing the flavor of the grilled meat.

The Sound of Glory
Ford Mustang

A special accelerator pedal capable of turning any car into a Ford Mustang, by reproducing its most iconic feature: the sound.

The Sound Of Glory is an identical reproduction of the Mustang´s accelerator pedal that can be synchronized via FM dial with any car audio system. It works with an antenna and a sensor pressure, so every time you step on it, the pedal sends the information to your car’s audio system that automatically reproduces the iconic sound of the new Mustang. 

Intended to reach an exclusive target, this simple mail delivered the adrenaline of accelerating an amazing car like the New Ford Mustang.